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Juelz Santana What the Games Been Missing

For any hip-hop fans out there, we definitely have an artist for you to check out. Juelz Santana is a member of the group the Diplomats and is on the verge of releasing his second solo album “What the Games Been Missing” on November 22nd. The first single off this album is “There it Go (The Whistle Song)” which is a great dance track that’s already being played on radio and in the club scene. Both the video and streaming music is up on his Def Jam site: http://www6.defjam.com/site/artist.php?artist_id=518

If you have the time, go ahead and check out the music and the video so you have a better idea of what Juelz is about.

If you have heard it, let us know what you think of the song. Do you think it will be a big hit on the club scene? What did you like about it and what didn’t you like? Anything you have to say about the album and the song, just go ahead and drop us a comment.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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