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Wicked the Musical

Hey everyone!

The month of October is here, and in celebration Wicked: The Musical is not only touring, but also throwing a ton of contests. Such as the Be Wicked Singing Contest and giving shoppers at Border and Virgin stores across the country a chance to win Gold Plaque’s!

We’re curious to see how many of you have heard about this Tony Award Winning musical and what you think of it. The soundtrack just recently went Gold (meaning it sold 500,000 copies) and is pretty well received across the country. Do any of you have the soundtrack? Have any of you seen the show? And lastly, are any of you planning to see the show when it comes to your area?

For those who don’t know about this fantastic musical, go straight to this link:

It gives you the chance to listen to some clips and even buy the soundtrack if you like it!

For those who are fans, go add the musical’s official myspace to your friends list and leave some comments!


I can’t wait to hear your feedback, and thanks again for joining us!
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